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When I was first introduced to Uncorked I was suffering from the side effects of chronic Lymes Disease. I am currently in remission but I still had the horrible body aches, unable to sleep at night, irritable bowel, and so on. I had tried so many natural products to help ease some of these. Being in pain at all times has been a challenge to say the least, I am usually a very happy go lucky kind of person. I have not been that way for a long time.
I first saw Scarlett Blackwell on Instagram with this drink exercising and having energy to do it all. I spoke with her in regards to the product and was given three days worth of samples. I only drank half a bottle a day for the first week because I was amazed at how alert I was by just drinking the little bit. I couldn’t wait to get this product and put it to the real test.
I ordered the Freedom Starter Pack and was so excited when it came in the mail. I took it to work that night and was able to concentrate more than I have in a long time. After taking the Enerlean, Detox, and the Uncorked for about three to four days I was just doing my everyday activities and thought to myself “I have no pain.” I really couldn’t believe it so I started to put it to the test. I work out almost everyday and burn about 500 calories on average each workout. Now I get to run again and play with my kids without them hurting me. I no longer have the pain I used to have every second of every minute of every hour of every day of my life.
I am so blessed to have “stumbled” upon this amazing product that has helped me so much. I do not ever remember having this much energy and the ability to do so much for my family and myself.

Brandin Smith