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“Now normally, I never endorse products or share things from my public brand, but I would seriously be doing my clients and friends an injustice by not sharing my Secret Sauce, the Uncorked Health & Wellness products.
As many of you know, my husband and I have been eating completely organic, GMO free, and high fructose corn syrup free since 2007. We knew that our greatest commodity is our health and we were determined to put quality foods into our bodies. Although this does take time and more financial resources to plan for, our doctors are always pleased with our blood work and overall health. We rarely get sick and when we do, we go to natural remedies first.
Even still, I personally have been working on maintaining a regular fitness schedule and being in the best shape I can be. Once I hit my 30’s, I saw a change in my energy levels and even my appetite. I knew that I needed to work out more and wanted something for my energy. I was already taking my vitamins and such but still did not find the lasting energy I wanted.
Then came Uncorked.
My friend Ashley sent me some uncorked samples. I was skeptical that anything that I hadn’t already tried could boost my energy in major ways. checked out the testimonial videos and had shared about Uncorked with my father when I saw how it helped a man who had severe arthritis, even though I had not used it. In January, my husband and I finally tried our samples and we were amazed at the results. I loved it so much that I kept most of the samples to myself 🙂 . It took all I could to share the goodies with him, but he was kind to let me have most of it. He loved the Uncorked products and I did too.
We decided that we were not looking to get into a business, but simply wanted to invest in our own wellbeing by ordering the products regularly. Then we thought about how some of our friends will want to try it after having it at our house and how for so little, we could join the team. After putting that thought on the shelf for a few weeks and simply praying about it, we felt that God was leading us to join the Uncorked movement.
We actually loved it!
Later, I talked to David Harris, CEO & Founder, to learn more about the company. He shared his personal faith journey that led him to start Uncorked and the vision for the company. That conversation sealed the deal and we knew that not only were the products extremely potent and unique, but also the company was spearheaded by someone who had an amazing vision and faith.
We can now say that we proudly use and share Uncorked Health and Wellness products with everyone we know!

Carmen Carson/Business Owner/Life Coach/Harrison,TN