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I just want to share with everyone what Uncorked Health and Wellness has done for me. Anyone who knows me has seen me go from a healthy vibrant person to a very thin and sick girl. In 2007, I got pregnant and of course was very excited, four months into my pregnancy I developed blood clots and was bed ridden for the next 9 months. Happily, I had a healthy baby girl. About a year after having her, I started not feeling well. After many visits to the doctors and extreme weight loss, they could not figure out what was wrong with me. In 2009, I had a blood clot go off in my colon and I almost died. Many test revealed that I had a blood clotting disease and a disease called Connective Tissue Disorder. On top of all of this I was born with a Kidney Disease so the medicine to help with the Connective Tissue Disorder I could not take because of my Kidney Disease.
All of these things left me feeling tired in a lot of pain and I could not enjoy being with my family or playing like a normal mother with her daughter. As the years went on, I would have to go to Reno to the Doctors three times a week to see all of my specialists. The saddest part of all of that was whenever we would drive by the Doctor’s office my daughter would say, “There is where mommy’s has to go to all of the time to see her Doctor.” This broke my heart, the last thing I want my daughter remembering of her childhood is, my Mom was sick a lot when I was little.
Ray Stovall came into my work knowing my medical history and my struggles and he said here, try this packet of Uncorked and tell me what you think? I told him I would but had to check with my Doctors first. So I did they all said it is a go and so I drank it. In ten minutes of drinking it, I got that feeling back, that feeling I had lost 5 years ago. I went home, I played with my daughter, I had energy, and I felt alive again. Everyone around me noticed a huge difference in me and at that point, I realized I had finally found something that gave me my life back. After two weeks of drinking the Uncorked product, I went from taking four pills a day to one.
Now I’m not making any medical claims but when I say Uncorked has saved my life, I mean Uncorked has literally saved and changed my life, not only changed my life but has given me my life back not only for me but for my family too. I thank God every day for finally answering my prayers, I thank Uncorked Health, and Wellness for bringing back Gina, the happy girl that everyone remembers…

Gina Pontarolo