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About 10 years ago, while living in Las Vegas, I was diagnosed with “Probable MS.” I was having trouble walking, intense pain, fatigue and memory problems. There were lots of tests trying to figure out exactly what was going on. One was a nerve test, where they placed electrodes on me & sent pulses to them to see if my nerves were functioning properly. I sobbed through the whole test because the pain was so severe. The tech performing the test told me he had never seen anyone who thought it was painful – that I “should” have just felt a buzzing. It was awful. They prescribed some medication, told me to consider moving somewhere with a more temperate climate. They said heat and MS were terrible together.
As luck would have it, my husband got a job offer that required relocating to his hometown in northern Nevada. Yay! I kept taking my meds and hoping to feel better. I could walk without a cane, which was great. But continued to have constant pain and fatigue. I managed these with the prescription meds, 4-5 Advil at a time and Diet Coke. Lots of Diet Coke. This system worked well enough that I could live pretty normally and hold down a full-time job.
My biggest complaint about the prescription meds is that they cause depression & anxiety for me. I quit taking them occasionally, because of the anxiety, but would suffer increased pain and muscle cramping every time. It was frustrating!
My friend Karel Ancona posted some things to Facebook about Uncorked and I contacting her to learn more about the opportunity. I didn’t ask, but only because I knew I didn’t have time or money or energy to spend on a network marketing business. (But she sounded happy and I was happy for her!)
Luckily for me, she kept posting little Uncorked experiences. One day she worked on her deck all day — get this — AND DIDN’T HURT AFTERWARDS. That really stuck with me. But I still didn’t ask her about it. (Terrible friend, right?!?!)
One morning, I woke up thinking that between the prescription meds and all the Diet Coke it was taking to get through my workday, I was consuming a lot of chemicals. A LOT of chemicals. It couldn’t be good for me. Northern Nevada doctors had since decided that my diagnosis was fybromialgia – not MS – and told me inflammation was a suspected cause of a lot of the symptoms I was having. I remembered Karel’s testimonials and her mentioning that Uncorked’s natural ingredients were good for fighting inflammation and providing an energy boost without too much caffeine. So I called her. She brought me 5 days worth of samples and explained how the products worked.
I started with adding about half a packet of the powder to my water. It was great. After about three days, I got brave and did not take my prescription. I waited for withdrawal symptoms. But guess what? NONE! ZERO! No cramping. No increase in pain. No troubles walking.
So I called Karel and asked her to sign me up. I haven’t had – or wanted – a soda since my first pack of Uncorked. I haven’t taken my prescription medicine in almost two months. I have less pain, more energy, no anxiety and my attention span is back.
I love Uncorked!

Joey Hall