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Hi, I’m Leah Valenzuela. I am married and a mother to four small children. I have a photography business on the side, I help lead worship and I have a lot of other hobbies but I decided to throw a fitness competition into the mix. I was introduced to Uncorked Original from my mom and I don’t know how I would’ve been able to do it all without it! It has helped me in so many ways… It keeps me alert, gives me tons of healthy feeling energy and it helps me get through my workouts. I wear my watch that counts the calories that I burn during a workout and I burn at least 100 more calories per workout when I drink Uncorked. I love that all of the products are all-natural and GMO-Free with no fillers or sugar. I also really love the Detox! It may even be my favorite of the two! I will continue to drink Uncorked, take the Detox and share it with friends! I highly recommend them both!

Leah Valenzuela