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I’m 42 years old, I am married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years, I have 6 amazing boys (23-7)and I co-own a construction company with my husband. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroidism last year which is an autoimmune disease where my body is attacking my thyroid and my immune system is always on high alert. I was having an issue with my weight, I had leaky gut issues, I had foggy brain to the point I thought I had early signs of Alzeihmers, my body is constantly cold, I was losing my hair, extremely Vitamin D deficient, Chronic fatigue, I slept at least 15 hours out of the day, major depression, puffiness of my face and paleness, joint and muscle pain, and heavy menstrual periods. I couldn’t function for a regular day. I started working with a Functional Medicine Dr and with his guidance I got m;y numbers down 1/3 towards normal levels. The last part that I’m dealing with is the fatigue. I would wake up for a couple of hours then have to go back to bed, I would almost collapse in the afternoon and have to lay down for 2-3 hours and then I could get thru the rest of the day til about 8pm then be ready for bed. . So needless to say I couldn’t work in the company, couldn’t cook or take care of the house, I couldn’t even make plans and had no real good quality of life. My husband and my two oldest sons were my Heroes!
Then my friend Mona told me about this amazing spirit-led, all natural energy company that she just joined and how good she’s been feeling. I asked her for a sample right then and there! I tried the Enerlean first and was able to get thru an entire day of 3 sick ones in my house ( my husband was one of them) with no nap and so much energy! I was overwhelmed with joy! She then gave me some more Enerlean and Uncorked. I was hooked! I signed up immediately then was like “Oh no I won’t have anymore til my kit comes in!”. Mona was so gracious in giving me some to last til my kit came in!
I wanted to wait til I could consistently take the Uncorked for a week to give my testimony. My Uncorked day goes like this: I take 2 Enerleans in the morning, I start my Uncorked in the afternoon and sip on it all day til about 8pm, and I am not sluggish and don’t feel the need to take a nap. I haven’t taken a nap for 2 weeks now! My foggy brain is better, I lost 4 pounds so far, I am able to stay on task better, my overall attitude is better, I wake up feeling good and not having to go back to bed for more sleep, can get thru my entire day into the night with more than enough energy, and I wake up feeling great. I have even started doing a lite workout to get back in shape. My husband takes 2 Enerlean in the morning, he drinks 1/2 Uncorked when he gets home from work to give him energy thru the evening, and he takes the Dream at night to get a full night’s sleep and wakes up feeling great! My 14 year old takes the Uncorked and drinks it during the day at school and it helps him to focus and stay on task. My 23 year old also drinks the Uncorked during the day to give him energy and help him focus. My other son’s girlfriend goes to school during the day and works midday afternoon til night. She takes 2 Enerlean and drinks the Uncorked to help her with energy and to get her thru her day.
I have to say that this product has given me my life back and a greater quality of life than I’ve had in years! I feel so blessed to be part of this company and tell everyone about how it’s changed my life and my family’s life!
Thank you!!!

Nikki Scalia/ Business Owner/ Mom of 6/South Carolina