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Watching my wife start the Uncorked products was like watching the bunny that keeps going… she seemed happier, had incredible energy, and was losing weight. I had to try it for myself. Now I understand why she feels so good! A car wreck not only tore my shoulder apart— it also brought my athletic lifestyle to a halt, left me with pain as I learn how to use my arm again, and severely disrupted my sleep. After surgery, I found I preferred DREAM to the prescription pain medications I’d been taking at night. ENERLEAN is helping me get back in shape, and the anti-oxidant UNCORKED super fruit drink mix gives me sustained energy that lasts all day long.
Anyone that wants to sustain their energy level, lose weight, or sleep better should try the pure Uncorked products. I’m sharing the products with friends, family, co-workers and teammates. I want the people around me to feel good, too!

Oscar Rangel/ Oklahoma City, OK