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I was in a motorcycle accident in 2002 and had a severe back injury, where three of my vertebrae were fused. I have had moderate to severe pain ever since. Once I started using the Uncorked drink powder, I have never felt so good in my life. I am constantly fighting inflammation in my low back, causing severe… shooting pain down both of my legs. I’ve tried every anti-inflammatory drugs and nothing seemed to help. Once I started using the Uncorked powder drink mix, I was feeling so much better. The natural anti-inflammatory ingredients in this drink mix has helped me so much, that I am now able to do things that I couldn’t do before, because of inflammation in my back. I can not recommend this product enough. It really has changed my life and given me freedom from pain, due to inflammation. This is an amazing product. This is not your average energy drink. This is all healthy and all natural. Your body and mind will thank you. I’ve always been skeptical of all these energy drinks on the market and I truly would not have told my story if this product did not help me.

Scott Crawford
Retired Police Officer