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I was a coffee/soda/5 hr. energy drink addict. Yes, addict – 2 trips to Starbucks, at least 5 sodas and a minimum of 2- 5 hr. energy drinks PER DAY! And with all that poison running through my body, I could still lay down anytime, anywhere and take a nap! To think about the toxins and garbage I was consuming everyday disgusts me now.
UNCORKED drink packs have changed my life! I have totally stopped drinking all the other stuff! One UNCORKED packet gives me 10x the energy I had before. I do not feel tired and sluggish or bloated anymore. My skin looks better, healthier and now I beg my teenager to go to the gym with ME, instead of him forcing me to go with him.
I also use the Detox and the Enerlean, but the drink packets are just easy and they taste good. I feel like even my taste buds have been detoxed – soda and coffee just don’t even taste good to me now. And the 5 hr. energy drinks… never again!
Thank you UNCORKED for blessing us with such a powerful, life changing product!

Stephanie Crawford