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I have struggled with pain issues of one type or other my entire life. I was born with a club foot and had arthritis from a very young age. Then, at age 25, I was thrown 40 feet out of a sunroof in a rollover car accident. I was lucky to survive, but did not come out unscathed. I had a few broken ribs, two compression fractures of the spine and two skull fractures that almost met and left my brain permanently bruised and damaged.
As you can imagine this accident forever changed my life. I have since had back surgeries, seizures, cognitive and memory problems as well as being diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result of this trauma to my body. My doctors advised me I would be in the hospital and then a rehabilitation hospital for at least one year and that I should file for disability right away. That was not acceptable. I spent 10 days in the hospital and left with only a walker. I returned to work a month later, but my health continued to worsen. In 2006, nine years after the accident, my doctors told me if I did not file for disability, I would be raising my kids from a wheel chair. No mom wants that, so I gave in and accepted that for now, my working days were done.
What was worse was I was successfully running my own business. Not only did I have to face disability, but I had to fire myself and take on the expense of hiring not one, but two people to replace me. I did as my doctors instructed and won my disability rather easily. I was reduced to spending most of my time in bed in excruciating pain waiting for insurance companies and doctors to decide what, if anything could be done. I used this time to educate myself and become proactive about my health.
I never believed that disability was it for me or that I had to accept this unrelenting, 24/7 pain as a way of life. I have tried every vitamin, supplement, lotion, potion and yes, even drugs in an attempt to gain some form of normalcy. I have had injections and epidurals. I have even had the nerves in my back cauterized in order to dull the pain of what had developed into degenerative arthritis. I have been diagnosed with many “coexisting conditions,” all of which cause debilitating pain and/or fatigue.
My disability came at a very high personal and professional cost. Honestly, when I was handed samples of Uncorked, I was skeptical. I had tried other “natural remedies,” and all before had failed. In fact, had it not been for my healthy truck driver husband, I might have missed this opportunity completely.

When I got the samples I saw “energy drink” and I immediately rolled my eyes and threw the bag in the drawer and thought, “What is my friend thinking? Those things are horrible for you.” One night my husband, who drives truck on graveyard, ran out of his regular unhealthy energy drinks. I hated that he drank those, but it was better than sleeping behind the wheel, or in this case, 18 wheels. So I dug out the bag and tossed it to him and said, “Try these.” He came home the next morning and said, “Get me some more of that stuff.” I was shocked by his reaction mainly because he had just pulled his normal 14-hour shift, and he was cheerful and awake. So, I started digging, and by coincidence over the following week, I had appointments with all of my doctors.

I took the product information to them and found that this was not your typical energy drink. This was all good stuff and my doctors encouraged me to try it, and try it I did. I can’t even put into words the phenomenal difference the Uncorked products have made in my life!

I am living again. I am getting off all the heavy pain medications I was on. Almost one month in, and I have lost a total of 23 pounds. I am no longer constantly tied to my heating pad. I have even gone from almost daily seizures to only one in the last 20 days. I can leave my house without having to worry about things like earplugs, medications, thermal wraps and the dozens of other things that chronically ill people have to think about. I am literally relearning how to live and loving it!!!! Even the smallest of details healthy people take for granted are such a huge blessing for me now. For instance, being able to wash my own hair. I can do that! This is not the first time the universe has picked me up, given me a shake and set me down facing an entirely new direction in life, but it is the best time. I plan on taking full advantage of it, and I hope you do too!”

Wendy Underhill