Uncorked products are intended to provide clean, powerful blends of premium ingredients that will release you into greater levels of freedom and wellbeing. We are motivated to help people achieve greater levels of financial freedom through our brand partner structure. We proudly give to Agape International Missionswho is helping to fight human trafficking and continue to bring freedom to the most vulnerable.


A rock solid team with an even stronger foundation


David Harris Jr. is the founder and CEO of UNCORKED HEALTH & WELLNESS, Inc., bringing over 22 years of entrepreneurial leadership and business development to the table. Marrying his high school sweetheart at the age of 18, he feels that his greatest achievement has been the 23 years of marriage he and his wife Jennifer recently celebrated. David and Jennifer have two beautiful daughters each with a passion to achieve greatness in life.

David’s natural enthusiasm and entrepreneurial experience are a huge resource for UNCORKED HEALTH & WELLNESS, Inc., Starting his first sales and marketing company when he was just 20, the company climbed to 1.8 million in sales its third year in business. In 2008, David was co-founder of Xtreme International, a health and wellness company where as the National Training Director, he led the way as the company’s main presenter on conference calls, webinars and all regional conferences. David’s passion and commitment is to create a company that truly inspires people to live above the status quo in mind, body and spirit. TO LIVE LIFE, UNCORKED!


Ron Holloway wants to create an opportunity for success in as many areas as possible for all who connect with UNCORKED HEALTH & WELLNESS, INC.. As a young boy, Ron spent three years at the Amarillo (Texas) Maverick Boys Club that shaped who he was to become. There he was mentored by a loving, yet strict group of leaders that consistently demanded respect, discipline, faithfulness, sportsmanship, a never give up attitude, and a true appreciation for teamwork. Ron desires to utilize these same attributes to help provide an atmosphere at UNCORKED HEALTH & WELLNESS, INC. that encourages team work that helps breed real success for everyone.

Ron has an extensive background in the financial arena having graduated with honors from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Business Administration and Finance. He then began a 22 year career in banking and was a founder of Southern California Commercial Bank. He covered virtually every aspect of banking, from business development to overall bank compliance. As the Vice Chairman, the bank reached assets just under 1 billion dollars. Enjoying early success, he retired from banking at the age of 50. Having a demand for his expertise, he was a financial and operations consultant for several businesses for the past 10 years. In evaluating the market, growth potentials and believing that the health industry is the next trillion dollar industry, Ron came out of semi-retirement to become the Co-Founder and CFO of UNCORKED HEALTH & WELLNESS, INC.

Ron has been married for 49 wonderful years to his beautiful wife Madrene. Together they share the blessings of two sons, one daughter, and five grandchildren to date.


We are excited to announce that Dr. Lance Wallnau is now Uncorked Health & Wellness’s Global Brand Ambassador. An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, Lance is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural and marketplace transformation.

Lance has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology. Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance’s intuition inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action. His students represent a tapestry spanning nations and spheres: from CEO’s and HBO comedians, to professors and pastors, to one of Donald Trump’s winners of The Apprentice. Lance is dedicated to the task of meeting with principal leaders in key sectors to bring transformation to nations.

He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas with affiliate offices opening up in Europe and the Philippines. He believes that unprecedented economic, political, and social shaking will create extraordinary opportunities for leaders willing to climb to the top of their mountain, leverage the platform God has given them, and advance kingdom interests.

Lance loves our company, our products and what “Living Life Uncorked” represents. He has a desire to enhance the opportunity of all of the Uncorked family with his trainings, teachings and his ongoing contributions.

Lance is married to his wife Annabelle and lives in Texas with their three children: Lance Jr., Carl Alex, and Joy Chrysta.


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